This is an adult schnoodle (Kirby)
Thank you to the family for this good picture.

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COST - $400
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With the older age of our schnauzers, we are less likely to have puppies on a regular basis.

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Update 8/25/2009

Parent Dogs (Schnauzer's & Poodle's); all AKC registered:  

Ruby (Daisy's daughter)

Moment of Grace

Dandee Daisy

Teddy Bear

  October 15, 2011

Schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle): Very intelligent and easy to train. They like to be with people and are happy and loving.  The smaller varieties make good lap dogs.  They tend to be demanding, delightful, very amusing, clever, energetic, affectionate, obedient, playful and alert. Schnoodles make good companions and family pets.  The schnoodle sheds little to no hair and is good for allergy sufferers.  Like all dogs, the schnoodle enjoys long, brisk daily walks, and loves play sessions off the leash.  Its life expectancy is about 15 years or more.
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We have been breeding schnoodles since 1999 with success.  All of our dogs are equally adorable and all have great dispositions!  
Our dogs and puppies are raised as though they are members of our family.  We have been making 1st generation schnoodles since 1999 as a way to provide a great family pet for so many families. 

The pups have their 1st shots, are wormed, tails bobbed and dew claws removed. They come with a care package consisting of food, smelly toy, booklet and more.  I have several references if you so desire.

Check out my faq page for more answers to your questions:

I will choose which puppy you receive from a litter using the information you give me on your application. We take into consideration your specific requests.

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Cost - $400.00

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 Contact me for an invoice . Thank You.

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E-mail or snail mail it to me.  

This, no cost, application is required to request references and/or be added to my waiting list for current as well as future puppies.

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Another adult light colored schnoodle (Boomer)